UDI - Feeling Pretty High About Growth

On Thursday April 20th, 2017, the UDI held a luncheon for an exclusive keynote address from Andrew Ramlo (Vice President of Intelligence for rennie), with a focus on the dimensions of change - demographic, societal, economic and environmental.

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The benefits of working remotely were never made clearer than during the worst of the pandemic. It seems the benefits of office-based working are clear now, too.Statistics Canada doesn’t maintain official estimates of “office-based” employment. On the one hand, this makes it difficult to objectivel…


The rennie review is produced each month by rennie intelligence, which includes the latest real estate data for Vancouver Region's housing market.Balance amidst Vancouver’s housing gymnastics.Over the past 24 months, Vancouver’s housing market has—along with many others nationally—been marked by ne…


Changing household compositions, such as the increase in one-person and roommate households, and the rise in older adult children living with their parents, will have implications for our housing stock.