A Step-by-Step Guide on Finding Your Catchment Area

When it comes to finding the perfect home fit for raising your family, a big part of the decision-making process is largely due to determining the area in which your young ones will be attending school. Thankfully in this digital age, everything you need to access your designated school catchment area information can be found online, albeit in a slightly clunky process.  

First things first: you’ll need an address on where to start your search. If you’re in the process of buying or even just considering buying a new home, be sure you possess the correct home address. Find inspiration for this first step on the rennie property map.

Begin by entering the term "school locator tool" into your chosen search engine and hit enter. No matter where you live in BC your municipality will have its own designated site, and they will be listed and displayed on this page in order of their proximity closest to you. Alternatively, you can search “school locator [corresponding city or municipality]”, i.e. “school locator Burnaby”.

Once you have selected your appropriate city, navigate through the site and click the button prompting you to either “continue to the school locator site”, or simply confirm that you’ve been immediately directed to a site such as this one. All schools are synched to the same mybaragar.com system.

Then, you simply enter the street name of your current or future home, and click “find school”.

At this stage, you will be directed to a page asking you to select your actual home address from the address range provided, it will be displayed in odd and even house numbers. After you have clicked on the proper range you will be directed to a list of all the assigned schools in your catchment area!This final page will display not only a list but a small legend corresponding to each school within your area. Here is where you will be shown both the school's website and phone number should you need to contact anyone for further information.

Looking for a home in a specific catchment area? Our rennie advisors specialize in every neighbourhood across the Lower Mainland and can help you find the home best suited to your needs.

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