Oxford County - Housing: Let's Get Into It

In early February, housing professionals met in London, Ontario for a Housing Forum called Housing: Let’s Get Into It!  Focusing on small urban and rural communities, the forum strived to tackle the challenges municipalities face in achieving the right housing range and supply mix.  

Our Senior Economist, Ryan Berlin was a keynote speaker and discussed economic, demographic, and real estate trends to impact a municipal action plan template.

Key takeaways:
  • In the markets for everything from hot cakes and housing to health care and hockey tickets, consideration must be given to the effects of not only population growth, but also demographic change.
  • The importance of rental housing will continue to grow in the foreseeable future -supply must meet demand.
  • Overall, local economic fundamentals are strong, and borrowing rates are expected to remain low, which will in turn support housing market fluidity.

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