the rennie landscape - Q1 2019

The normalizing of Metro Vancouver's housing is now well established. The region's fundamentals are strong, setting the stage for a stabilization of market activity. 

The broad range of indicators considered as part of the rennie landscape point to a Metro Vancouver housing market that is not in crisis, but normalizing. The current slowdown in sales activity is differentiated from previous downturns in that it has not been precipitated by one or more negative economic events, but by a series of policy ones. While there are some clouds on the economic horizon, the latest trends in demographic and economic factors indicate that the market has the potential to stabilize through the remainder of 2019.

We're pleased to present the inaugural edition of the rennie landscape.

Each quarter, rennie intelligence produces the rennie landscape, that tracks a variety of demographic and economic indicators that directly and indirectly influence our housing market here in Metro Vancouver. Our goal is to provide our community with a basis for evaluating the trajectory of the factors that collectively define the context for the real estate market. 

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