rennie review - December 2017

Each month, rennie intelligence produces the rennie review, which includes the latest real estate data for Vancouver and the Lower Mainland's housing market. In addition to presenting detailed neighborhood-level stats, the rennie review also includes current rennie projects, featured listings, client testimonials, our take on the latest market conditions, and more.

To this point in the year, Greater Vancouver's housing market has been nothing if not interesting, whether you've been a buyer, a seller, a policymaker, or simply a market watcher. Demand remains robust compared to past years, while the opposite is true for supply; as a result, prices for multi-family homes have risen substantially, while some reprieve has been brought to the detached segment, which is currently balanced. The ever-changing policy landscape--when set against the backdrop of a strong economy and continued in-migration--has set the stage for what should be an intriguing 2018 to say the least.

For your reading pleasure, please click here for the December 2017 edition of the rennie review.

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Sales activity in the Vancouver Region continued to slow in May, leading to a continued expansion of inventory. And for the first time since May 2020, conditions in the region’s detached home market are balanced.SalesTotal MLS sales in the Vancouver Region in May were 4,249, which was down by 12% v…


A decline in overall sales and listings activity has ushered the Vancouver Region’s housing market into balance for the first time in more than two years. For each individual product type, however, market conditions vary.