the rennie review - June 2018

Each month, rennie intelligence produces the rennie Review, which includes the latest real estate data for Vancouver and the Lower Mainland’s housing market. In addition to presenting detailed neighbourhood-level stats, the rennie review also includes current rennie projects, featured listings, client testimonials, our take on the latest market conditions, and more. While there is little debate that the market has cooled through the first five months of 2018, a closer look at the data both presents a modest challenge to this accepted narrative and sheds light on other relevant dynamics (namely, a boost in supply mitigating price increases).

For your reading pleasure, please click here for the June 2018 edition of the rennie review.

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Last month was characterized by further declines in supply combined with elevated demand levels, strengthening the vice on an already tight market.


Despite recent evidence of a re-balancing of the region’s housing market, homes are selling at a near-record pace as supply remains lacking.


A monthly report providing insights into sales, listings, and pricing trends throughout the Vancouver Region's housing resale market.