rennie review - March 2018

Each month, rennie intelligence produces the rennie review, which includes the latest real estate data for Vancouver and the Lower Mainland’s housing market. In addition to presenting detailed neighbourhood-level stats, the rennie review also includes current rennie projects, featured listings, client testimonials, our take on the latest market conditions, and more.

For housing in Greater Vancouver, this past February was significant for two reasons. First, the supply-demand dynamic within the resale market appears to have shifted for the first time in many months—an inflection some predicted for January but that failed to materialize until more recently. Second, BC’s NDP government tabled its first budget in 17 years, and it included, among other things, numerous measures aimed at slowing housing demand across the province generally, and within its most urban markets more specifically.

For your reading pleasure, please click here for the March 2018 edition of the rennie review.

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A September record of almost 5,800 sales reflected the strength of all segments of the housing market in the Vancouver Region.


In response to the pandemic's suppression of immigration in 2020, Canada's federal government is raising immigration targets.