Inside UDI Luncheon with Andrew Ramlo and the Real Estate Community

Our Vice President of Intelligence, Andrew Ramlo recently presented at UDI Pacific Region's sold-out luncheon. His presentation, "Looking Beyond the Headlines and Charting the Way Forward," explored the why behind recent changes in the housing market, and the factors that should be considered in regard to the future of the region's real estate market.

Thank you to UDI for hosting the event and providing us the opportunity to be among 700 industry and community leaders. As our region continues to grow, it's even more critical to find a platform such as this venue to convene dialogue around our collective future. 

Our rennie intelligence division empowers individuals, organizations, and institutions with data-driven market insight and analysis. Experts in urban land economics, community planning, shifting demographics, and real estate trends, their strategic research supports a comprehensive advisory service offering and forms the basis of frequent reports and public presentations. Their thoughtful and objective approach truly embodies the core values of rennie.

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Our VP of Intelligence, Andrew Ramlo explores the why behind recent changes in the housing market in this UDI keynote video.


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