Vancouver Named The Best Place In The World For Young People To Buy Property

In a study done by CIA Landlord, 46 cities in the world were looked at to find the best place for young people to buy property.

The study looked at many important factors, including the cost of apartments in the city and the average salary.

According to the study, the average monthly cost of renting an apartment in Vancouver is £1,149.94, which converts to about $2,013.90 CAD a month.

It also said the average price to buy a two-bedroom apartment is £208,000 which is about $364,229.42.

Additionally, the cost of utilities came in at £47.66 or $83.46, and the average salary of a person was also found to be £2,567.44 or $4,495.85 monthly. 

"This score was a result of Vancouver having higher than average salaries, lower utility costs and lower prices of leisure activities such as gym memberships," the report read. the full article from here